Est. 2015 Malaga, Spain

I’m Brian Colquhoun, an independent Senior Designer based in Malaga, Spain.

I specialize in:
– Branding.
– UI Design.
– Visual Design.
– Web Design.

I’ve worked for brands like: Porsche, Volkswagen, Beefeater, Tenaris, McAfee, Panda Antivirus, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet, Opel, KitKat, Viceroy, Nikki Beach, Renault and many more.

I stand by these thoughts:
– EXPERIENCE helps us to understand the present.
– PASSION for our work will continue to make us better.
– MOTIVATION moves the world.
– COMMITMENT let’s us achieve our goals.
– ATTITUDE multiplies all of the above.
– Without TEAM WORK, we wont get far.

The last few years of my professional career I’ve been working remotely, for America and all of Europe.

You can see most of my work in Behance, my professional background in Linkedin, and part of my daily life on Instagram. If you prefer, you can download my resume here.

I wait for your contact!

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